• Recognise Yourself
  • Maintain your identity

Beauty for cancer Patients, skin care for cancer patients, cosmetics for cancer patients, make-up advice for cancer patients

Our aim is to help you Recognise Yourself as you go through your treatment for cancer. You, no doubt, have lots of questions and queries and we are here to answer those questions and address those queries. Many of the team have been through treatment, all are experts and many spend thier working life helping cancer patients to maintain their appearance.


It's all about the eyes! Learn how to replace eyebrows, create eyelashes, get fabulous make-up tips for a great look for day, and for your sneaky nights out.


Oh those dry, chapped lips! If the chemo isn't causing it (and not all chemo does cause it) then the hospital heating probably is! Protect, nourish, enhance and pick up a few tips for prevention.


Looking after your skin as you go through chemotherapy, radiotherapy, and/or surgery is where the whole thing started. You probably know all about chemo skin and radiation damaged skin - we do too. Not only do we review natural and organic products that we think can help you, we have lots of skin care advice too - we research everything and give you the references so you can have confidence as well as something to show to your medical team.



Dry skin, broken, fragile, ridged or lost nails - we can help.