Appearance related side-effects of chemotherapy

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The low point of cancer treatment is often the moment when a patient no longer recognises themselves when they look in the mirror.”

This is the finding of research carried out in 2007. I mentioned this in conversation with a very beautiful lady who was going through treatment at the time.

Oh no’ she said, ‘no one looks in the mirror anymore, the low point is when you catch your reflection in a shop window and wonder who it is. ’Is that really me?’’

This reluctance to look in mirrors is sensitively handled at a hospital in the North of England. They cover mirrors with blinds, or place them behind shutters, as they understand how damaging an unexpected reflection can be.  Other hospitals advise their patients to cover mirrors at home, leaving just one ‘available’ in order to avoid surprises.

The information held in our appearance section helps you to overcome the side-effects of chemotherapy by providing hints and tips and sharing ideas.