Meet Lorna Wilson

How did you hear of Jennifer Young and Defiant Beauty?

 Another ambassador had posted in a social media group about needing a model for case studies, In the first instance I was happy to be a case study, but also wanted to learn more about Defiant Beauty and Jennifer Young, as being able to treat cancer patients is so close to my heart.


What did you do before joining Jennifer Young and Defiant Beauty?

 I am currently training to be a counsellor, and have been spending time raising my son and overcoming my own illness, however I have been a Beauty and Holistic Therapist since 2003.

I have worked in, and managed many spas locally and internationally.  I began my career at sea working for Steiner onboard cruise ships and then worked for Virgin Atlantic as an Inflight Beauty Therapist, which also led to me taking a Secondment and working in Richard Branson’s Hotel Spa in Morocco. My favourite role however was managing a spa on an Island in the Whitsundays in Australia. My work has literally taken me around the world.


Why did you join the Jennifer Young team?

 I had been involved in running pamper days at The Crowne Plaza in Liverpool for Cancer Patients many years ago. I remember feeling really touched and inspired on those particular days, yet I will admit I was a bit apprehensive at times about causing more harm than good.  After my own cancer diagnosis in 2013, and having to be dishonest with a therapist about my own medical history in order to have a treatment, I knew I wanted to take specialised training and make a change in the industry.  After speaking to Jennifer, I knew I wanted to be involved with the brand in some capacity.


What has been your favourite part of the role?

 I love the products and treatments, so I enjoy being able to share and demonstrate my knowledge, experience and passion about everything Defiant Beauty and Oncology Therapies. I also appreciate the response from clients when they tell me how much they enjoyed the treatments and how great they make them feel. I have volunteered to help raise money at the hospital I was treated at, and also at a local support centre to help boost their funding’s, the pamper evenings are always enjoyable, and its privilege to be able to give back, whilst doing something I love.


What did you know about skin care for cancer patients before joining?

 I already knew a lot about the skin, its functioning, and products because two of my previous roles I was a full time skin care therapist, however I learnt more about the needs of the skin after cancer treatment, ingredients and more about endocrine disrupters, phytoestrogens and the harm they cause to our bodies.


Did you realise that there was a need for specialist skin care for cancer patients?

 I didn’t really until I was affected myself, and subsequently attended Jennifer’s Courses and now, the more I read and continue to learn, the more I am mindful of ingredients in everything internally and externally.


What is your favourite Defiant Beauty Product?

Do I have to choose just one?

My Top three are:

Cleanse and Moisturise

Intensive serum

Lip balm


What would you suggest as a gift for cancer patients?

Cleanse and moisturise, because of its multifunctional purposes.


 What has been your favourite bit of feedback about our products?

Whenever I use the facial spritz within the facial people smile, but the smile is often followed by  “Oh how lovely, that smells beautiful…. What is that?”


Have you been surprised by the results that our skin care for cancer patients achieve?

Yes, the first time I received a facial it was winter, I was run down and it was safe to say my skin wasn’t looking its best, even after a 15 minute mini taster facial, I was blown away by the results my skin looked dewy and fresh. Every single client has the same fresh faced result, I’ve never seen such visible results so quickly in all my years and thousands of facials I have done.


How would you like people to contact you?




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