Anna Jemeljanova

Ambassador interview with Anna Jemeljanova

What brought you to the world of cancer support?

I just wanted to share my skills and experience of beauty with someone who want to look and feel better and to give some of my time for someone who needed it the most.

What do you do to help cancer patients and those that have been through treatment?

Sharing my beauty skills and tips with them and demonstrating facials.

What is the best day you ever had at work since you started working in this field?

Every day is a unique day as you face different challenges, you grow and meet incredible people.You learn so much while you are working, especially from those who are fighting this condition.

Tell us more about the work that you do with cancer patients

I woke up one day and thought 'what can I do for someone else?' I asked myself what can I give to others that are fighting terrible illnesses and I involved in a charity called look good feel better LGFB which gives an opportunity for therapists to share their skills and to pass on the knowledge about beauty so women with cancer can look and feel good about themselves despite all the side effects. It gives them an idea how to apply basic steps of skincare routine and make up.To share your smile with someone who needs it most at that time,to show them that they are not alone. That there is life still and that they are part of it.

What did you do before working with cancer patients?

I am beauty therapist and a body work practitioner. Life gave me an opportunity to work in beautiful spa across the UK and meet increadible people. To expand my skills and learn from others. I had a chance to experience life in retail which encouraged me to develop more as the therapist.

Why did you decide to tell others about Beauty Despite Cancer and Defiant Beauty?

I am a great believer in goodness. Defiant Beauty are something wonderful and unique. I am grateful that I can be part of it.

Beauty Despite Cancer gives so much knowledge and answers so many questions about the topic that not many people are comfortable talking about.It is such wonderful way to explore different aspects of cancer. For people who interested in that subject it is a true descovery. 

It can unite those who are fighting cancer and answer lots of questions and so much more.

Everyone should know that something like Beauty Despite Cancer exists as there is nothing like it.